Lighting and Ceiling Fans

Lighting can make or break a room, movie, photoshoot, video or a person mood.  Consumer Reports says that the value of your home can be boosted by at least thirteen percent with the use of LED recess lighting.  We specialize in identifying the best type of led recess light for your home and room and giving you an affordable cost to make it happen.   We have found people who didn’t like a certain room in the home see it differently after the install.  Let us switch out our kitchen lights today.

Hallway lighting

Below: Types of lighting we install that can change a room

Our vendors time and time again have beat are local competitors and have given our clients a reason to smile when they are in need of various types of lights.  We pride ourselves in getting you a good bulk rate or single rate that works for your financial situation.  Finally, we take your home lighting to the next level by introducing voice assistance.  Control your lights and fans vocally or through your smart phone either way efficient is the name of the game.

Let us consult, purchase transfer your data and configure your laptop.  For more information or call today! 1 855 IT-CREWS

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