Designing Networks

Designing Networks

Our Belief


It is our firm belief that infrastructure is the foundation on which any technology vision is built on.  A strong infrastructure allows institutions to move forward and be innovative as they give critical support to our children and young adults to excel.

Most Infrastructure reports can be a complex topic.  Our desire is to provide some level of understanding and to ensure  we zero in on the problematic areas of each school network  and analyze them based on the standards that are within this report.  The objective in infrastructure upgrades is to make functionality more efficient and technology friendly.

We strive for an industry standard gigabit network which requires collecting components to run and process at this maximum speeds throughout the chain.  From the switches, cables, access points, firewalls and network cards to poorly configured software can be problem areas to your network.  All unit processors are essential to an efficient functioning network.  Our report seeks to deal with every aspect of the chain.

This report has been condensed to evaluate in three out of the five areas that we typically analyze.  The first area is the data center which is the brain or major city like “New York”, which must be protected from all types of assaults, and connected to major highways and airports for efficient modes of travel and connectivity.  The data center must have a proper environment (cooling, adequate power and space) and proper preventive power outage plane (data backup, disaster recovery).  The second area we focus on is the wiring which is like the roads that run in and out the city.  If your streets are old and need repair then travel will be rough and slow.  Cabling in an infrastructure is very important for it is the back bone of a network.  Third we will focus on the wireless network.  The wireless network is like our airports and plans that take us to remote places that may not have roads to travel.  It is important to increase access and to have a system in place that helps maintain the efficiency while restricting with ease.

We understand that most institutions like our country are on a financial diet and are trying to find ways to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure so we seek to limit the scope to the essential components to accomplishing the goal.

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Designer: CREWSING Technologies