Smart Home/Business Technology & Security

Love your home and business well let it love you back by protecting it and making it efficient able to let you know what it is doing no matter where you are in the world.  Well we have the answer for you.  Have your interface changed in less then 10 min and enjoy your PC again!


Home Security and Smart products (Note: We do a free home evaluation to assess what you need for your install)

  • 1x AI
  • 1x Keypads
  • 1x Motion Sensors
  • 1x Door Sensors
  • 1x Window Sensors
  • 1x Glass Break
  • 1x Panick Button
  • 1x Smoke Detector
  • 1x Water Sensor
  • 1x Temperature Sensor
  • 1x Key Fob
  • Camera’s

Let us consult, purchase transfer your data and configure your laptop.  For more information or call today! 1 855 IT-CREWS

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