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We evaluate residential homes and commercial space.  We give free site surveys for your Kitchen, bathrooms, un-finished basements, home theater, home bars, decks, patios, lighting, TV service and so much more.  We are your one stop shop for construction, telecommunication, smart home integrating.

Commercial/Residential technology

Evaluating and configuring your infrastructure is the foundation on which any technology vision is built on.  A strong infrastructure allows institutions to move forward and be innovative as they give critical support to our company needs to excel.

We Evaluate: Data Centers

Most Infrastructure reports can be a complex topic.  Our desire is to provide some level of understanding and to ensure  we zero in on the problematic areas of each school network  and analyze them based on the standards that are within this report.  The objective in infrastructure upgrades is to make functionality more efficient and technology friendly. An Data Center is your central hub for storing, moving data and connecting all users to a strong network.  

Access pointAccess Router We Evaluate: Wireless Access

Wireless site surveys are very tedious because we must either obtain or create a building diagram.  This helps with mapping coverage also taking into account the type of building material that will affect coverage such as brick or drywall.  Security and SSID’s are important as well for us to identify.  Access Points are industry standards Ni Dual-Band can receive power over Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet (GBE) cabling through an 802.2af Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector or POE Switch for most schools because they allow exceptional wireless performance.  Features include 40 MHz channels and support data rates of up to 600 Mbps on either 2.4 GHz or 5.0 Ghz networks.  You can also control these access points through the network sonicwall interface individually or collectively.  Because all network zones run through your firewall which is sonicwall security and filtering the wireless data flow and browsing can monitored and controlled.  So in summation granular secular policy enforcement once configured correctly can be achieved.

network_cabling_fiber We Evaluate: Networking Cabling

Cabling is the back bone to any network.   Copper is used to connect rooms of all type as well as the wireless system. The types of cables that are run throughout a facility are vital to the speed and integrity of data flow.    All items listed below are analysis based on the site survey information.

Things we check for is Crosstalk which is when there is a “bleeding” of signals between one cable into another.  This causes a slower network transfer speeds and sometimes the transfer of signals over the cable.  The next area is bandwidth which is information carrying capacity.  The greater the bandwidth of a system, the faster it is able to push data across a network.  Cat5e and Cat6e are the standards we are basing these school ratings.

Let us consult, purchase transfer your data and configure your netowork.  For more information or call today! 1 855 IT-CREWS

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